Localization Club Events

Upcoming Localization Events:

  • Sept 22nd: Humanities LocLand
  • Sept 30th: International Translation Day & Fieldtrip to Lingotek in Lehi
  • Oct 6th: Club attending career fair
  • Oct 11th: Technology LocLand
  • Oct 12th: Major Fair
  • Oct 20th: Business LocLand
  • Oct 27th: National Guard Linguists (11 am)

LocLand 2016

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Employers/Professionals: Register here

Event Summary:
The goal for this semester's LocLand event is to help students and industry professionals connect, network, share ideas and learn more about localization. Come enjoy some refreshments and good conversation.
We are very grateful for the willingness of many industry professionals to participate in these networking events this semester. It's a great way to see what BYU is doing to prepare students for work in localization and to meet and mentor the industry's up-and-coming localizers.

Professionals attending the Technology LocLand (October 11th)

Click on each name to go to their LinkedIn profile.

Ed Watts – Principal Localization Engineer

Mel Ott – Localization Engineer, US Translation Company

Serge Petelo – Globalization Strategist and Founder, Acceant

Jesse Hurlbut – Localization Engineer, LANDESK Software

Aaron Alder – Owner, Same Day Translation

Tyler Smith – Manager of Translation Coordination, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Tyler Snow – Localization Engineer, MultiLing

Dale Eggett – Localization Engineer, Lingotek

Adam Youngfield – Language Team Lead, MultiLing

Jeff Beatty – Head of Localization, Mozilla